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Become a Dealer

Do you own a bike shop and would like to become a REEF Bikes®predatorhq2013resize.jpg electric bicycle dealer, work with Australia`s number 1 brand in electric bicycle technology and highest quality products, join the e-bike revolution and increase your sales?

3 Good Reasons To Work with Reef Bikes?

1. We send Customers to your Door

Reef Electric Bikes gets thousands of customers by phone, email, and online, wanting to buy and see our bikes across Australia. Our customers will be sent directly to you, our dealer network.

As soon as you sign up with Reef Bikes, you will get phone calls, emails, and customers visiting your store, asking about our huge range of electric bicycles.

2. Australia`s Longest Running Electric Bike Brand

Established in 2005, Reef is Australia`s longest running electric bicycle brand. Leading the e-bike market in number of sales per year, and producing leading innovative technology. Reef has developed world leading technology, the lightest weight ebikes in the world, with elegant design, and the latest features.

Reef Bikes spends a huge amount in adevertising and marketing year after year, making Reef bikes the most well known household electric bike brand. With years of advertising and sales that your local store will benefit from.

3. Huge Increase In Electric Bike Sales

Reef Bikes was established in 2005, and been Australia`s leading e-bike brand for many years. Leading the way, in taking this market mainstream. Reef has seen a huge increase in the electric bicycle market, with e bike sales numbers growing every year.

Most regular bicycle stores across Australia are stocking electric bikes on their floor now. In many cases Reef electric bikes are now outselling regular bike sales. So dont get left behind, the technology boat is sailing forward.


How To Apply?

Reef Bikes has a dealer in most locations of Australia, from major cities to major towns and regions. We are always looking to strengthen our dealer network across Australia, and increase our numbers.

To apply to become a Reef Bikes Dealer please email us with the following details:

- Contact Name

- Shop Name

- Shop Address

- Shop Phone

- Shop Email

Send Details To dealers@reefbikes.com.au