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Auto Folding Mobility Scooter

Auto Folding Mobility Scooter

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  • Automatic Folding Light Weight Mobility Scooter
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Reef Bikes Reviews

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Chris Navinous


Love the remote control folding button, for easy folding and unfolding, at the press of the button. Great price for great quality features like this. Half the price from in the shops, for a better mobility scooter. Fast Delivery and great service from Reef. 


Alannah Pierre


Quality Auto Folding scooter! Fast Delivery! Friendly Service by the Reef team in Australia. Love my little Auto folding scooter, easily folds up by itself with the press of the remote control button. And so light compared to other brands. So we can lift it into our car boot. 


Patrick Heidleberg


Highly Recommended scooter, best price by far for an Automatic remote control folding scooter. Works very well, looks great, high quality finish. Well recommended as the best purchase for a folding light weight scooter. Great Australian Brand and local service from Reef. 


Paul O`Brien


Perfect Auto folding scooter to fit into the car. Quality machine that folds with ease. Fits into the car boot easily, and very light weight compared to my old scooter. Uses lithium batteries with are much lighter also. Great for travelling and overseas trips too. 


Angela Patagonis


Reef Auto Folding is very impressive. Does the job as described very well, folds up and down just by pressing the button. No need to worry about folding with your hand. Had to wait for some delivery delays for 2 weeks. But the service was friendly and helpful all the time. If you need a light weight potrtable mobility scooter, you cant beat this Reef scooter. 


Regina Summerton


Fast Delivery, Best Price, Best Features, Lightest Weight, Very Stable, Quality design and finishing, A must buy for anyone that needs a portable mobility scooter for their travels, car, bus, train, plane, it does it all. Price is unbelievable but true, and from and Australian brand. 


Glenda Powell


Great purchase, been using my Reef scooter for 6 years now. No problems at all, does the job for me very well. Still using the same original lithium battery.  

$2,399 (You save $1,601)

HUGE DISCOUNT SALE ENDS 9th August! Delivery ETD From 30th August!


Automatic Folding Light Weight Remote Mobility Scooter


Folds with a Push of a Button. Lightest weight mobility scooter. 26kgs. Effortless, One Touch Remote Control Folding. Can be taken anywhere, cars, trains, buses, shopping, in home. The most versatile easy to fold, lightest weight mobility scooter!

Get your freedom back again, with the Automatic Folding button and the Lightest Weight, you can do it all yourself again!

Using a remote control button to fold and unfold and Lithium battery light weight technology.

The Auto Fold can take you up to 30KM in distance on a single charge and at a safe and comfortable speed of 8Km/Hr. With 4 heavy duty wheels, a comfort seat, automatic electronic braking, battery meter display, and forward and reverse lever.


Get Your Independence Back!

If you cant get around easily without help, and sick of asking family and friends to take you around and fold up your mobility scooter. Then the Auto Folding scooter will help you get your independence back. Its always so hard to fold up heavy scooters, now you dont have to. The remote control auto folding function will do it all for you. Press the button, and it will fold and unfold itself within seconds.


Lightest weight mobility scooter, using high powered lithium batteries, this scooter is not only automatic but very lightweight. At only 26kgs without battery. Get back outside again, go out for walks with the family and kids, get to the shops and visit friends. Take this scooter with you in the car or on holidays.


We deliver to any area of Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gosford, Central Coast, and all regional areas too.


Got a question about the REEF Getaway electric mobility scooter?



Technical Specifications

orange-tick.jpg Weight: 26kg
orange-tick.jpg Turning Radius: 0.8M
orange-tick.jpg Top Speed: 8km/h
orange-tick.jpg Reverse Speed: 6km/h
orange-tick.jpg Travel Distance: 30km* (Only Estimate on Flat Road)
orange-tick.jpg Travel GradientUp to 10 degrees
orange-tick.jpg Battery Charging Time: 6-8 hours
orange-tick.jpg Battery: 24V 12AH Lithium Battery
orange-tick.jpg Max Load: 100kg
orange-tick.jpg Motor: 24V 180W
orange-tick.jpg Braking System: Auto Electric Brake
orange-tick.jpg Driving System: 180W Electric Motor   
orange-tick.jpg Front Wheel: 18.2 solid rubber
orange-tick.jpg Rear Wheel: 18.6 solid rubber  
orange-tick.jpg Ground Clearance: 6.5cm
orange-tick.jpg Charger: comfort seat
orange-tick.jpg Folded Size: 50cm x 49cm x 73cm
orange-tick.jpg Unfolded Size: 99cm x 49cm x 94cm



Free Delivery is not included with this item


Our guarantee to you!


Your REEF electric bicycle is covered with a 3 Year Warranty on your frame and a 1 Year Warranty on all other parts including the battery, motor and the electrics. Reef Bikes are manufactured with only the best quality parts, so we are confident that your electric bicycle will have many years of reliability. Reef Bikes has been producing high end electric bikes since 2005, an Australian brand name you can trust for years to come.


Submit the warranty claim form to get your Reef Bike assessed under warranty. Click to read our Warranty Policy.

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