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Why E Bikes


Electric bikes are a fast, fun and easy way to commute. They provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle: fun, exercise, free parking, zero emissions, no traffic jams, while eliminating one of the bicycle's more serious drawbacks, a lack of power.

An e-bike offers you a choice of pedalling normally as you would on a regular bicicle or using the motor to make riding easier.

Electric bikes are also a great way for people who have not ridden in years to get back into biking.  It makes the hills and windy sections much less daunting.  

Plus, for people who may have disabilities, a sore knee or whatever, it’s a great way to be able to ride a bike again.

Imagine pedaling up a hill as comfortably as going downhill...

Still not convinced?

That’s ok…

…most people are a little skeptical about electric bikes at first.  

However once they ride one, they are hooked for good.

Think about all the possibilities...

With an electric bicycle, you can carry heavier loads while running errands around town and/or commuting to and from work, the shops or school.

It's easier to pedal since there is a motor to assist the person riding the electric bicycle.

It's a great form of cardiovascular exercise, but without the pain.

An electric bicycle is much cheaper than any type of electric car or motorcycle.  

An e Bike eliminates the need for gas, which can be expensive at times.

The cost of charging an electric bicycle is very low and affordable.

Unlike diesel and gas-powered vehicles, electric bicycles are Eco-friendly since they do not emit pollutants into the air.

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