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Getaway Portable Mobility Scooter

Getaway Portable Mobility Scooter

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*NOTE - Due to the large size of this item, Free Delivery does not apply to this item

$1,199 (You save $800)

HUGE DISCOUNT SALE ENDS 9th August! Delivery ETD From 30th August!

Folding Portable Lightweight Mobility Scooter

Do you want to get your independence back, and have the freedom to get anywhere you want again? With the Reef Getaway electric mobility scooter you can!

Pulls apart in 5 pieces, making each piece light, and easy to lift. Folds down easy, and separates fast, no tools required. And seat swivels for easy mount and dismount. Heaviest part is only 15kgs when separated.


The Reef Getaway can take you up to 20KM in distance on a single charge and at a safe and comfortable speed of 10Km/Hr (Australian Legal Limit). With 4 heavy duty wheels and a low center of gravity, you can feel safe that your mobility scooter will not tip over, and is very capable of handling all terrains.


A fully adjustable seat allows you to sit comfortably on longer trips, and a large basket gives you the storage area you need to carry your shopping.




Travel in Comfort & Safety.

Travel in comfort and safety with our full featured electric scooter. Relieve the strain and stress of having to walk long distances, up hills, and not being able to carry your heavy shopping bags back home.


Using the hand speed control, you can easily control this electric scooter on the footpath and roads. With the brake safety cut out, you can feel safe that your scooter wont run away from you. The Reef Getaway has a built in battery meter and headlights for low light driving. Just plug it in to the wall when you get home, to charge the battery, and your electric motor is ready for use with a flick of the switch.


With the Reef Getaway electric mobility scooter you can avoid the muscle and joint pain that stops you getting around. Get back outside and enjoy your time with the kids and grandchildren, you can still take them to the park and for walks while you use your mobility scooter to keep up with them again.


You wont have to rely on friends, family or public transport to get around. This simply is a great investment! We deliver to any area of Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gosford, Central Coast, and all regional areas too.



Technical Specifications

orange-tick.jpg Weight (exl. battery): 35kg
orange-tick.jpg Turning Radius: 0.8M
orange-tick.jpg Top Speed: 10km/h
orange-tick.jpg Reverse Speed: 5km/h
orange-tick.jpg Travel Distance: 20km* (Only Estimate on Flat Road)
orange-tick.jpg Battery Charging Time: 8-12 hours
orange-tick.jpg Battery: 2 x 12V 12AH
orange-tick.jpg Max Load: 100kg
orange-tick.jpg Motor: 24V 180W
orange-tick.jpg Braking System: Electric & mechanical brake
orange-tick.jpg Driving System: GEARED DRIVE  
orange-tick.jpg Front Wheel: 18.2 solid rubber
orange-tick.jpg Rear Wheel: 18.6 solid rubber  
orange-tick.jpg Ground Clearance: 7.5cm
orange-tick.jpg Charger: Smart Charger
orange-tick.jpg Dimensions: 100cm long x 50cm wide




Free Delivery is not included with this item


Our guarantee to you!


Your REEF electric bicycle is covered with a 3 Year Warranty on your frame and a 1 Year Warranty on all other parts including the battery, motor and the electrics. Reef Bikes are manufactured with only the best quality parts, so we are confident that your electric bicycle will have many years of reliability. Reef Bikes has been producing high end electric bikes since 2005, an Australian brand name you can trust for years to come.


Submit the warranty claim form to get your Reef Bike assessed under warranty. Click to read our Warranty Policy.



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