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Solar Backpack Bag - Panel Plus Lithium Battery

Solar Backpack Bag - Panel Plus Lithium Battery

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Solar Panel Backpack Bag With Lithium Battery


Full featured solar panel backpack, including lithium battery pack.

The 3.4W Solar Panel is built into the bag, and connects to the 2200mAh lithium battery pack, which is included inside the bag.

It also comes with a USB connection, and USB cable with multiple charging plugs for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Micro USB, Mini USB and more.

Everything you need!

When you are walking or riding in the sun, with this solar backpack, the solar panels will automatically charge your built in lithium battery pack. Keeping the suns energy stored in your bag anytime you need it.

Simply plug in any USB device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc, and you can charge it automatically while you are out on the go.

Never be without power again, be rest assured you can charge anything you want, anywhere you go.

The backpack also has a large capacity, to carry and store anything you need to take with you, dimensions 45cmx38cmx16cm.


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