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Reef Bikes Reviews

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Reef Bikes Reviews - Share Your Experience!


Total 4.8 5stars.jpg 12,783 Reviews


David Haliday

5stars.jpg  a week ago

What a awesome bike! The Reef Predator electric bike is a powerful machine. Gets me up hills without even pedaling. Love the design and looks. Massive front fork suspension and air shocks, hand throttle and 5 levels of PAS. Highly recommended electric bike. Thanks to the Reef bikes Team, so helpful, with friendly customer service and support. 


Melissa Featherdale

5stars.jpg  a week ago

The Reef Bluefin mobility scooter is such a beautiful scooter. Looks just like a motorcycle. I really didnt want an elderly looking scooter, as im not old. So thanks to Reef for designing the Bluefin Scooter. Best looking scooter, I get so many compliments when im out at the shops. Its been a great lifestyle changer. Letting me get out again, gaining my independence back and freedom, while feeling good that im in a good looking scooter.


Brett Forrester

5stars.jpg  a weeks ago

We bought 2 Bullshark Mountain electric bikes, one for me and the wife. Love the battery design clicking into the frame seemlessly. A great feature that you cannot find anywhere else. Now we are both riding on the weekends together, and going further then ever before. Fast Delivery, came in the box mostly assembled. Great to support a local Australian Brand.


Sandy Camison

5stars.jpg  2 weeks ago

The Escape Tricycle is such a great ride, easy to use, I get down to the local shops and use the large front and rear baskets to store all my shopping. Then ride past the bay side bicycle path, to enjoy a relaxing ride along the water. Perfect vehicle to get around my small town, to the shops, and to meet friends for lunch by the bay. Took some time to assemble, but Reef Bikes has a video to show how its done, which helped greatly. Reef Bikes Team were a great help all the way through, and such friendly staff. Highly Recommended!


Wesley Johnson

5stars.jpg  2 weeks ago

The Reef Bullshark f750 is one hot machine! Big power, great price! Fast delivery, was in stock in Australia straight away. Can go up to 45kmh without even pedaling, great for hills too, and getting around offroad and on the beach. Has been performing without any issues for the past 5 years and still going on the same battery too. 


Grant Davis

5stars.jpg  2 weeks ago

Purchased the Goliath mobility scooter, from Reef Bikes Australia. The large wheels is great for me as I ride mostly on the grass and in the parks. Not many scooters can handle that type of terrain, and have the high power like the Goliath. Delivery came after about 3 weeks, which was expected at the time. Came mostly assembled also. Was very impressed by the Goliath scooter, as its full featured, high powered, and even comes with a rear boot storage. I take it to my local shopping village, and park it in the car park.


Patricia Hieldberg

5stars.jpg  3 weeks ago

Light weight invisiTRON C1 ladies bike, they really are so light weight, compared to any other brand. Seemless battery integration, can not even tell its an electric bike, with the hidden battery and micro motor. Enjoying my commuted to work again, traffic free. Thanks Reef Bikes for the great service and fast delivery.


Tony Baker

5stars.jpg  3 weeks ago

What a powerhouse, Predator e bike! Had it for 7 years now, and still using it often. All I can say is, hold on, and enjoy the ride! Gets you going further and faster then ever before on regular bikes. Stopped using the car now, and enjoying the Predator instead. Great for getting around, and also for offroad fun on tracks. 


Mark Hanlon

5stars.jpg  1 month ago

Our family all have a Reef Bike, I started with my first Bullshark e bike 11 years ago, since then bought a Bullshark m500 for my kids, and now a Predator e bike for me. Keep going back to Reef Bikes, supporting Australian brands, quality bikes and the best prices for what you are getting. Reliable and friendly Australian service. The only e bike brand ive seen still going strong for so many years.


Sherry Campbell

5stars.jpg  1 month ago

Purchased the Escape Tricycle from Reef Bikes, was a little hard to ride at first, getting used to the steering of a tricycle. But once you learn how to ride it, its quite simple. The power was quite fast, but it can be adjusted to suit your power levels needed. Love riding around to the shops and back, using the big storage baskets. Assembly was quite hard for me, so needed to get it done professionally. The assembly video helped, but still was taking a long time. Overall beautiful tricycle.


Terry Kalanakis

5stars.jpg  1 month ago

Bought the invisiTRON M1 for keeping up with my road riding group. Couldnt wait to show the riding group my new purchase. And they were all amazed at the design and lightweight performance of this electric bike. Some of them have a different brand, with chunky heavy batteries. So they were all surprised to see the sleek invisible battery design of the invisiTRON M1. Now im not only keeping up with my group, but im ahead of everyone, and going strong. What a beauty from Reef Bikes!


Helen Patrician

5stars.jpg  1 month ago

The Bluefin mobility scooter is a wonderful machine! Cant thank Reef enough, for their service and this beautifully designed mobility scooter. Gets me around again, welcome back to my freedom and independence. And looking cool while riding this 3 wheeler motorcycle style scooter. Delivery came within 7 days. Now my partner also wants one too.


 Sandra Deloris

5stars.jpg  1 month ago

Seahorse electric bike from Reef Australia is great value. Love the classic dutch style ladies design, with brown leather seat. Comes with the rear rack included. Great small size electric bike, comes in 24inch wheels and small 16inch frame size, as im only 5 foot tall. So not many options for me out there. Very happy with the purchase.


Cameron Tucker

5stars.jpg  2 months ago

My Bullshark m500 blows all the other riders away easily. Looks just like a normal bike, nice hidden battery, loads of power with the 500w motor concealed in the rear hub. Can go over 40kmh within seconds, power up hills with easy. Support local Australian brand Reef


Miles Hillier

5stars.jpg  2 months ago

The mantaray e bike, great value, great price, fast delivery! Highly Recommended purchase.


Hans Millman

5stars.jpg  2 months ago

Reef Auto folding mobility scooter folds up with remote control, saving my back, as im unable to lift heavy scooters anymore. The Auto folding Reef Scooter makes it easier and fast for me to get around, and get the scooter into my car. Comes with lithium batteries and remote controls. Easy to use, just press the button and you are off. Push level throttle, when you let go the brakes stop the scooter smoothly automatically.


Maria Elinatia

5stars.jpg  3 months ago

Great Buy! lowest price mobility scooter in Australia. Does the job for me, great little scooter to get around the shops and around the house. Getting out with family again more. Getaway 4 wheel mobility scooter from Reef Australia


Harvey Gomistal

5stars.jpg  3 months ago

Full suspension Bullshark e bike model, perfect bike for on road and off road. Nice shocky in the rear of the frame and front forks also. Can handle all terrains, great all rounder. Impressive power for offroad tracks and up hills. Happy Reef Bikes rider!


Martha Kimmel

5stars.jpg  3 months ago

I use my Bullshark Road electric bike as a commuter to get to work everyday. So reliability was so important! Reef bikes were extremely helpful in the purchase and technical help. Bike was in stock an ready for delivery within 4 days. Ive ditched the car for this new riding lifestyle. The Bullshark Road has been getting me to work and back for the past 4 years without any issues, so big thanks to Reef Australia for such an amazing product from and Australian brand.


Silvester Macintyre

5stars.jpg  4 months ago

Great Price! Fast Delivery! When other brands didnt have stock and had waiting times. The Reef Bullshark Mountain e bike was in stock and got it within days. Happy rider here!


Chris Normanhurst

5stars.jpg  4 months ago

Purchased the Bullshark f750 for me, and the Seahorse electric bike for the wife. We take them away on our caravan trips around Australia. Great service from the Reef Team! Amazing bikes and performance. Had them now for 6 years, battery still running. Recommend Reef brand.


Soma Kirsal

5stars.jpg  5 months ago

The Reef Goliath scooter is a large and powerful scooter. I really like the large wheels and suspension on all wheels, for a comfortable ride. The beast feature is the 3 speed setting switch. Which you can set at 10kmh for local shops and roads, and then when i hit the hills and long paths can go up to 32kmh on level 3 power. Impressive rear boot storage like a car, and headlights and indicators too. 


Kerry Fielding

5stars.jpg  5 months ago

Glad to buy my electric bike from an Australian brand! Reef Bikes had so many options to choose from and really good prices. 


Dieter Bromwich

5stars.jpg  5 months ago

Bought 2 Predators for our delivery business, fast power makes it easy to get around delivering for our business. We recommend Reef Bikes as a quality Australian brand with local support and years of reliable riding.


David McDonald

5stars.jpg  6 months ago

Glad we chose Reef Bikes for our electric bikes. So delighted with the invisiTRON C1 and invisiTRON R1. Was surprised at how light weight these electric bikes are. We went to many shops first to try other major brands. But they were all so big, heavy and chunky. We decided to go with the invisiTRONs as nothing came close to its weight. Easy to lift into the house and car racks, so smooth to ride, and love that no one can tell we are riding electric bikes, with the discreet Reef Bikes electric battery technology.


Harry Alchemis

5stars.jpg  7 months ago

Love my Reef electric Bike! Great Service! Friendly guys!


Emerton Visinal

5stars.jpg  7 months ago

Good price! Delivery was prompt! The Bullshark Full Suspension model was my choice! I never new how good an e bike could be until i jumped on this one. Could use a more comfy seat, but thats common with most bikes. Love the large screen display and power options.


Barbara Schultz

5stars.jpg  7 months ago

The purchase of the Goliath mobility scooter turned out to be a great investment, reliable performer, comfortable, and allows me to be mobile independently. Perfect scooter for larger people, as its a large scooter, with big wheels and suspension. The power of the motor gets me around with ease, and tackles even some of the steeper hills on the way to the market. This purchase is the scooter of choice!


Wendy Howard

5stars.jpg  7 months ago

My Bluefin scooter is the talk on my retirement village! Now 4 of my friends also purchased the same model. Unbelievable! Looks great! The only problem now is we dont remember which Bluefin scooter is owes, as they look the same!


Peter Garman

5stars.jpg 8 months ago

Bullshark Fat 750W! Big power, great for the beach, offroad, and anywhere! Fast delivery! Big Recommendation! Easy choice if you want a hot looking bike with a big motor, big battery and best price out there.


Darren Ilkner

5stars.jpg  8 months ago

Recommend Reef Bikes! Australian brand that I can rely on for my scooter purchases. We now have 2 scooters, one for me and the wife. So enjoying our retirement going for relaxing rides to the lake. So far we have been using the first scooter for 5 years, and the second scooter for my wife for 1 year. Happy returning customer.