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Electric Bicycles Canberra ACT

Electric Bikes Canberra

Reef Electric Bicycles Canberra ACT. Huge Range, Best Quality E-Bike Brand in Australia. Reef bikes has the lightest electric bikes in the world, starting at 11KGs in weight. We also have long distance models up to 100KM per charge. We can Deliver any bike, directly to you in Canberra and the ACT.

If quality and reliability is important to you, you cant go past Reef bikes, Australia`s only longest running brand. Make sure you only look for Panasonic or Samsung lithium batteries, and Shimano gears and hardware. Dont settle for cheap bikes at cheap prices, Reef electric bicycles offer world leading technology, and super prices, with the best in customer service.

Browse our online catalogue, models, specifications, photos and videos. See which Reef e-bike is your dream model, and give us a call if you need any help! Remember we offer Delivery directly to your door in Canberra, ACT.