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Escape Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler

Escape Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler

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* Due to the large size of this item, Free Delivery does not apply to this item.

Reef Bikes Reviews

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Candice Willoughby


Wonderful ride! Easy To Use. Great Value For Money. Really enjoy riding my new Escape Tricycle by Reef. So easy to use, you dont have to worry about balancing a regular bicycle. Just sit on it and cruise along without even pedaling. And for some exercise im able to pedal along with the motor at my own pace anytime. Then when i feel like a break, i can keep going just by using the throttle only. Now im able to ride along with my husband together again and enjoy relaxing rides along the bay cycle paths. 


Wendy Freedman


Perfect electric Tricycle, easy to ride, takes the worry out of riding a regular bike. Fast Delivery, comes in 2 boxes, so there is a fair bit of assembly to do. But my husband was able to do it within a few hours. Comes together really nicely. Comfortable seat and riding handle bar position. Nice LCD display controls, with digital speedo and battery meter. Powerful motor gets me around effortlessly. Really like the large storage baskets front and back. Great for shopping and taking the dog for a ride down to the parks. 


Ken Bayliss


Bought the Reef Escape Tricycle model for my wife to join me on bicycle rides on the weekends. Onces its put together, it really is a pleasure to ride, and easy to use. The power of the motor really makes it easy for my wife to keep up with our riding group, and she can pedal at her own pace, or just use the motor also. Delivery took a little long, but that can be expected these days, and assembly took sometime for a beginner. But overall great value and quality. 


Martin Thomastown


Reef Escape Tricycle is just what we needed! Easy to ride, and no need to balance. Fast delivery, we got it delivered in only 3 days. Comes to the door in 2 boxes, so needs assembly. But being a handyman, was easy to get done. Impressive technology, and beautiful design. The extra large storage baskets at the front and rear are one of the best features, and you can load it up with all the shopping for the day. 


Martha Blunden


Love my Escape Tricycle, been riding it for 7 years now, and loving every minute. No issues or problems in 7 years, and still using the original battery. Its been the best investment, was a great sale price to buy, and to be lasting so long is amazing. I use my trusty Escape Tricycle all the time, helps me get outdoors and independent again. And looks better than all those scooters you see. Great option and highly recommended. 


Barbara Yiannakis


Best deal for an electric tricycle! I saw one riding around the local shopping village, and asked about it. Bought my own, cant go wrong with a motorised tricycle at this price. You get everything included that you need. Lithium battery, motor, throttle, and pedal assistance. Gets me riding long distances faster than ever before. 


Raymonda Pavlic


Fantastic Tricycle at the best price, from a major Australian brand. Really good service from the guys at Reef, they are there to answer my questions and help me with anything i need. Even helped with assembly questions too. Local Australian service and maintenance. My scooter was ordered and then delivered in only 5 days. Highly Recommended. 

$1,499 (You save $1,801)

HUGE DISCOUNT SALE ENDS 5th July! In Stock Now! Fast Delivery!

Electric Tricycle 3 Wheeler! Best E Trike Australia

If you are looking for the best electric tricycle, giving you reliability, stability and power, this 3 wheel electric trike is for you.


The REEF Escape electric tricycle Australia, gives you the freedom to ride safely again, with the Pedal Assist Mode to help you ride up hills easier, and longer distances faster. The power of the 250W electric motor will be there for you when you need it, so you can go longer distances faster!


Built with a PANASONIC Lithium Battery, we use Panasonic electrics for extra reliability, and longer lasting performance. The Escape electric trike comes with 6 Speed Shimano Gears, giving you the smoothest pedaling performance. LCD Battery Meter and PAS Control.


It's perfect for adults who want to ride easy and enjoy the outdoors. Make errands enjoyable again with this comfortable ride and Extra Large Rear Basket with massive storage capacity.


Comes finished in Titanium Blue. Front Basket and Extra Large Rear Basket included



Get the FUN back in your life!

Life will become fun again with the added benefit of pedal power when you need it.


Enjoy the pleasure of bike riding with your spouse, kids or grandkids with the power assistance to help you ride up hills and travel longer distances.


Or, as you are crusing around town, you can still get your exercise and enjoy the outdoors! 


We can deliver anywhere in Australia.  Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Mackay, Canberra and all remote areas of Australia.


Free delivery does not apply to this item, as it is too large. This item needs assembly. A professional bike store assembly is recommended. Skill level Hard. As its a large item, needs to be shipped dismantled. CHECK OUT ASSEMBLY VIDEO


Technical Specifications

orange-tick.jpg Motor: 200 - 250 Watt high speed brushless hub
orange-tick.jpg Battery: PANASONIC Lithium Battery 36Volts 10Ah
orange-tick.jpg Throttle: Thumb Throttle 6kmh
orange-tick.jpg PAS: Multi Level Pedal Assist Sensor 25kmh
orange-tick.jpg Display: LCD Screen Control
orange-tick.jpg Gears: 6 Speed Shimano Gears
orange-tick.jpg Brakes: Front V; Rear Hub
orange-tick.jpg Tyres: 24" 
orange-tick.jpg Seat: Comfort Seat

orange-tick.jpg Charger: 240V Smart Charger
orange-tick.jpg Baskets: Large Rear and Front Basket
orange-tick.jpg Max Speed: 25km/h
orange-tick.jpg Max Range: 70km* (Estimate Only Using PAS Mode Only)
orange-tick.jpg Max Load: 150kgs
orange-tick.jpg Net Weight: 35kgs
orange-tick.jpg Size: 180cm long x 75cm wide
orange-tick.jpg Colour: Titanium Blue


Our guarantee to you!


Your REEF electic bicycle is covered with a 3 Year Warranty on your frame and a 1 Year Warranty on all other parts including the battery, motor and the electrics. Reef Bikes are quality checked and tested before delivery, so we are confident that your electric bicycle will have many years of reliability. Reef Bikes has been producing high end electric bikes since 2005, an Australian brand name you can trust for years to come.


Submit the warranty claim form to get your Reef Bike assessed under warranty. Click to read our Warranty Policy.




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